With artist, entertainer, and fellow “Running Man” HaHa set to make a special appearance in Song Ji-hyo’s upcoming drama “Lovely Horribly” expectations are on the rise.

Loverly Horribly
Image source – KBS

On August 13 KST, KBS most recent teaser image for their new monthly drama “Lovely Horribly,” starring Song Ji-Hyo and Park Si-hoo, is causing a buzz. However, it is not because of the main actors but a guest appearance.

In the released photo, Song Ji-hyo who dons a drab and dark expression with hair covering half her face, sits across from fellow “Running Man” cast member HaHa. The singer and funny man has a neck brace appears to be equal parts intrigued and terrified by his interaction with Song’s on-screen character Eul-soon.

According to reports, HaHa surprise appearance role is as Eul-soon’s ex-boyfriend! In such a position, many fans who are eagerly awaiting the first broadcast are excited to see how HaHa, known for his comedic ability, will handle the scene. As such, excitement and expectations are on the rise.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo and HaHa have entertained millions with the brother-sister antics on SBS entertainment “Running Man.”


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