Actress Ha Ji-won will be attending the Venice International Film Festival for the film, ‘Man Hunt,’ directed by John Woo.

‘Man Hunt’ is one of the entries for the 74th Venice Film Festival. The film’s first screening will take place on September 8, with the actors in attendance.

The film is a collaborative project with actors from South Korea (Ha Ji-won), China (Zhang Han-yu, Qiwei), Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan (Fukuyama Masaharu). Ha Ji-won plays the killer beauty Tzuyu and takes on challenging action scenes.

The actress, currently starring in the new MBC Wed-Thurs drama ‘Hospital Ship’, requested a schedule change to attend the festival on September 6. She will not be able to attend the 42 Toronto International Film Festival, however, due to drama filming. Upon her arrival at the Venice International Film Festival, she will attend the movie screening for ‘Man Hunt’ and participate in an event and interview with Director John Woo.

‘Man Hunt’ tells the story of a fair lawyer who gets embroiled in a murder case involving his colleagues. He struggles to find out the truth after receiving a false accusation. The film will premiere in Asia at the end of the year.


Original article
by Kang Suh-jung

Translated by Janet Kang