H.O.T. members Moon Hee-joon and Tony Ahn will reunite for an upcoming episode of “Happy Together 4.”

According to multiple broadcasting officials on Wednesday, H.O.T. Moon Hee-joon and Tony Ahn have decided to guest on the variety program “Happy Together 4” on KBS2. Notable, this will only be the second program that the group mates will appear in together. Their last appearance on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” was about ten months ago. Nonetheless, expectations¬†are high for the duo.

Their appearance on the show comes after the group briefly reunited after 17 years for a concert. With 80,000 tickets sold, H.O.T. remains very popular — even being inactive for more than a decade. Moreover, many are looking forward to seeing Moon and Ahn’s being frank about each other and the group after so many years.

In addition to the duo, Hwangbo from Chakra and Paul Kim will also participate in the recording scheduled for December 22.



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