Despite the recent slip while preforming at a concert in Canada, GOT7’s Yugyeom will continue to carry out upcoming schedules!

On June 5, JYP Entertainment released their official statement regarding GOT7 member Yugyeom falling on the stage while performing. The company said, “Yugyeom did slip while performing at a concert in Canada. However, he is not injured. It will not affect him in carrying out the rest of world tour schedules.”

On July 3, GOT7 hosted a concert at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. While performing a solo stage, Yugyeom slipped and fell. However, the singer quickly got up and continued on with the concert.┬áThus, with the company’s official statement confirming no injury, GOT7 will continue with their world tour with all members participating.

Meanwhile, GOT7 began their world tour in Seoul on May 4. Afterwards, they traveled to various parts of Asia and Europe. With Los Angeles concert on July 11, the group will now visit fans in North and South America, before heading back to Asia for Singapore and Hong Kong.

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Translated by Dasol Kim