Adding insult to injury the dance was performed in front of GOT7 member Jackson.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

Yugyeom’s “Hit the Stage” performances on the ninth and tenth episodes were robust, powerful, and creative enough to earn him the final prize. More, the choreography, which Yugyeom directed and created himself, demonstrated a wide range of dance genres including hip-hop, stepping, and the fast footwork for house music. Additionally, the technicality of the choreography earned him praise and admiration from fans and industry insiders alike. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is willing to give credit where it is due.

On the most recent episode of the Chinese “Idol Producer” show, which mimics the format of “Produce 101, a group called Trainee 18 (Chinese), performed the stepping segment from Yugyeom’s performance. The incident happened after an impressive vocal performance with modern dance elements. As they headed towards the end of the performance, the nine-member boy group showed off their dance moves, the first of which continued the aforementioned stepping.

The similarities between Yugyeom’s “Hit the Stage” performance and Trainee 18’s was first pointed out by a Twitter user.

After the performance, the judges, including GOT7 Jackson and EXO Lay, evaluated the groups. Jackson asks which of the members choreographed the dance. In response, the group points to one member. Once identified, Lay directly asks him, “did you choreograph this?” with the member answers, “Yes, it was mostly done by me. I am the main dancer and choreographer, but my members also give me advice.”

The dance segment coupled with this statement has angered many GOT7 fans. In response to the backlash, Trainee 18’s agency, Banana Entertainment, later posted a video of the group’s performance and credited Yugyeom’s “Hit the Stage” performance. Further, they reasoned that the integration of his choreography was a sign of respect.

Did Trainee 18 plagiarize Yugyeom’s performance, or is it an original dance routine? Check out the entire episode of “Idol Producer” here.


By O.C