After a previous warning several months ago, GOT7 member Youngjae is forced to issue another to stalker fans.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

On November 1, Youngjae took to his personal Instagram to issue a message directed at stalker fans. “I don’t like thing too (to do this) so stop (doing it). Everybody please stop…there are limits to being patient,” he said. Continuing he asks “Does it feel good? Having people you don’t know contacting you? Even if you say a few good things you should know I am not going to listen,” the singer informed the problematic fans.

Lastly, he wrote that “from now on, I will collect and capture [the messages and calls]” and asks them not to contact him. It seems that for the past few months or longer, the GOT7‘s main vocalist has been dealing with stalker fans calling or messaging his personal phone and Instagram accounts. Now, it appears that he has decided to take matters into his own hands to stave off the unwanted and invasive attention.



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