Member BamBam, GOT7’s representative Thai member, worries that they may have shown too much.

Image source – OSEN News

Three members from boy group GOT7, BamBam, Mark, and Youngjae, set out on an adventure in Thailand for the XtVN show “Real Thai.”

On Monday, Lee Won-hyun, the production director for the XtVN show spoke about the group’s appearance at a press conference at the CGV in Yeongdeunpo. “There are many colorful scenes in Thailand that have not been shown on TV,” he said. It all came about naturally as when the member visited the country, where GOT7 is very popular.

“I wanted to show [fans] the true image of GOT7 that I couldn’t see on other shows. I am going to show you ‘human GOT7’ not idol group GOT7,” he said.

Image source – OSEN News

Listening to this, BamBam added that while there are many points of interest and entertainment, there are also concerns. “I am worried because it contains a lot of ‘human GOT7,'” he lamented. However, the rapper agreed with Lee regarding what happened in Thailand. Additionally, he said that since he is from the country, he was able to show his members different and exciting parts of Thailand.

Main vocalist Youngjae added to the comments about the show. “Because there were some difficult times [there], it was more fun. I think that it helped us be more honest and frank,” he said. Mark also spoke up, “I enjoyed the shoot” and said that due to his energy he earned the name of a “man with too much passion.”



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