[M/V] GOT7 JB & Jackson Release Sweet OST “U & I” for “The Package”


Leader JB and rapper Jackson from GOT7 worked as a unit for the JTBC drama “The Package” OST.

The Package OST
“The Package” (더 νŒŒμΌ€μ§€) Poster – JTBC; JB and Jackson at Reebok shoe event – OSEN News

JB and Jackson’s OST, “U & I”, is an urban R&B song that expresses budding love at the beginning of a relationship. Moreover, the sweet melody created by JB’s voice and Jackson’s smooth rap create an endearing masculine feel.

Furthermore, “U & I” was composed by “Earattack”, who has worked with GOT7 previously. “Earattack” is responsible for the distinctive sounds found in GOT7’s Flight Log trilogy. This includes “Fly“, “Hard Carry“, and “Never Ever”.

Check out the video below and listen the song on Genie here.


By O.C