GOT7 Jackson doesn’t miss an opportunity to take off his shirt and let his fans (and others who may not have asked) see the benefits of his workout.


Jackson, a member of GOT7, caught fans’ attention with a new picture he posted on social media showing off his “chocolate abs” on Thursday. In the picture, he stands with nothing but his pants and a baseball cap that covers most of his face except his bright and mischevious smile.

Captioning the picture, the rapper wrote “It (sic) better now,” which seems to be both a question and a statement. Either way, the answer is “yes” according to the almost 800,000 likes that the picture currently has.

Meanwhile, besides working with GOT7, Jackson also has a thriving solo career in China and acts as an advertising model for Fendi. Further, earlier this year, he went on a media tour in the U.S. where he had interviews at different radio stations all over the country.




By O.C