According to GOT7 Jackson, members need to be understanding of each other to make it in the idol world.

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SEOUL, 2016 – GOT7 Jackson heads to KBS Music Bank – OSEN News

GOT7 Jackson has recently joined the cast of a Chinese idol survival program “Model Idol Trainee” as a mentor. As a successful idol in both Korea and China, he will be working as a rap mentor. Along with Jackson, Cosmic Girls‘ Cheng Xiao and PRISTIN Kyunkyung will also be dance mentors for contestants. Further, EXO will be the host and representative producer for the show.

While greeting the attendees at a production presentation for the show, Jackson spoke about his shat he wanted to teach the contestants. “The most important thing is to have a fun time together. As a teacher, I want to teach this from as someone in a third party position (not a contestant). I want to share my experiences and help.” Continuing on the subject of group members, he said, “It is important to understand the members of the group. If someone is having a bad day or a difficult time, you have to help and trust each other. I think it is important for the group to really respect each other.”

Later during the presentation, Jackson was asked about the life of a trainee. One person asked about dating and how it can affect trainees. In response, Jackson had this to say, ” I don’t think that dating affects the passion of a trainee. Passion is the most important. If you have enough passion, you’ll be successful trainee whether you’re in a relationship or not. Mindset is important.”

Jackson is a rapper from the Korean idol boy group GOT7. GOT7 debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment with the song “Girls, Girls, Girls.” This year the group released two different albums. The first, released in March, concluded the groups Flight Log¬†trilogy. Their second album of the year was October’s 7 for 7 led by the title track “You Are.” In addition to his activities in GOT7, Jackson has also launched a successful solo career in China. His two singles, “Papillion” and “Okay,” peaked music charts in China for weeks.


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