After hitting it out of the park in the movie Extreme Job, will actor Gong Myung get a home run on television?

Image source – OSEN News database

Gong Myung has confirmed his appearance in “Melo Suits Me” (working title), one of JTBC’s new dramas. According to reports, the actor will play the role of Choo Jae-hoon who has his hands full with two jobs. While dealing with an uncomfortable relationship with a girlfriend at his first job, he also works at a marketing company under Hwang Han-joo (Han Ji-eun). Will sparks between Hwang and Choo cause further issues in his relationship?

Nobody knows except Lee Byeong-hun, who wrote the script and will be directing the series. There seems that production is still ironing out some of the show’s details given the lack of information about it. Other than it focusing on the lives of three women in their thirties, JTBC has not released much information about the drama’s plot. Nonetheless, a drama like this seems ripe for romance and thrilling confrontations.

This is the second time that Gong will work with Lee Byeong-hun, who directed the hit movie Extreme Job. Since its release in late January, over 15 million people have gone to see the action flick in theaters with many expressing enthusiasm about Gong character.

Meanwhile, “Melo Suits Me” will air during the second half of the year





By O.C