Actor Go Hyun-jung had a beauty photoshoot that is at a whole new level.

In Vogue Korea’s October beauty photoshoot that was released on the 19th, Go Hyun-jung is showing off her attractive aura and beautiful looks.

During the photoshoot, Go Hyun-jung challenged herself with a bold and unconventional approach. She sat still in front of the camera with her no make-up face, and she even colored her face with yellow gold color.

Vogue Korea said, “She apparently proved that she is still a beauty legend, who is the definition of beauty and is at a whole new level. It is rare to see a celebrity like this that participates so actively and genuinely even from the proposal process.”

Although the photoshoot was ongoing for more than 10 hours, Go Hyun-jung kept her perfect skin soft.

Meanwhile, Go Hyun-jung recently finished shooting the film ‘A Winter Guest Scarier Than A Tiger’ with actor Lee Jin-wook.


Original article
by Kim Na-hee

Translated by Audrey Joung