On March 13, SM Entertainment announced that SNSD Hyoyeon is preparing for her solo activities, with a new name of ‘DJ HYO,’ and it’s finally here!

Hyoyeon had originally planned to release her album at the end of March, but decided to hold back the release to ensure a polished product. Now, we can finally see the polished product of DJ HYO.

On April 18 at 6 P.M., KST, DJ HYO’s debut song ‘Sober’ will be released through various music platforms. In the song, you will hear Hyoyeon’s attractive voice and unique DJ skills all in one. ‘Sober’ is a tropical future-house genre, and the lyrics sing about letting go of a lover like nothing is wrong, but still hurting inside.

SM Entertainment said, “Hyoyeon was always very interested in DJ-ing. In fact, she participated in the SBS’s ‘MASH UP!’ in 2015 and demonstrated her talent.” ‘MASH UP!’ was a variety show where K-Pop celebrities challenged themselves in the EDM genre.

Starting with the album promotions, Hyoyeon will actively participate in club tours and various EDM festivals as a rookie DJ.

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Translated by Dasol Kim