Hyeri shares her excitement about her first big screen debut through an upcoming film, “Monstrum”

In new pictorials with fashion magazine “ELLE,” Girl’s Day member Hyeri briefly talked about her first big screen debut and the upcoming film “Monstrum” also starring actor Kim Myung-Min.

In order to prepare the audience for her changed look in the upcoming film “Monstrum,” Hyeri participated in the pictorials with a dark, smokey eye makeup. With a confident pose and look, Hyeri instantly captivated the reader’s gaze.

Following the photoshoot, Hyeri also participated in an interview. During the interview, the actress shared her excitement about her first big screen debut. She said, “I had a lot of expectation for the film, so it was fairly an easy decision to make. I was excited to find out what I would look like in a historical film, which is so strange to me.”

Furthermore, she explained how she had a big fantasy about filming an action movie. Hyeri said, “I always found action films very fancy. While attending the action school, everyone complimented me all the time. It motivated me to work harder and become better. At the end, I thought to myself “yes, let’s just go for it” and tried my best.”

Meanwhile, film “Monstrum” will premiere on September 12.

Image Source – ELLE

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Translated by Dasol Kim