K-pop girl group GFriend appears in new trendy makeup for a High Cut Korea photo shoot.

The ladies of GFriend look gorgeous and fresh in the latest edition of the fashion magazine High Cut Korea.

With soft lighting and makeup that emphasized the flushing effect of blush, the group created a warm and atmosphere with glowy skin and natural-hued lips.

During a short interview, members Yuju and Umji demonstrated their interest in makeup but providing easy-to-follow tips. In particular, Yuju talked about the recent trend towards rose and pink-hued eye looks. She explained that to create depth you should use “2-3 different eyeshadows that have different textures” and shades.

More, the group talked about how they achieve long-wearing makeup for their busy schedules. In response, Umji said that if “you apply foundation, transparent power, and finish off with a setting mist it will last a long time.”

Meanwhile, High Cut Korea‘s magazine featuring GFriend is available in their May edition.



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Translated by O.C