A new detail about Gary’s wife surfaces.

Gary, leessang
Image source – OSEN News

Rapper and former “Running Man” Gary has kept the identity of his wife, relationship, and family mostly private. However, on January 10 the Daily Star news reported that his wife was a former employee of Leessang Company. Further, she is apparently also 10-years younger, born in 1988, versus Gary’s 1978 birth year. Apparently, the two kept their relationship secret to the point that even the company’s staff were unaware of the couple.

Up untilĀ 2016, Gary released music regularly, but after 2016 his music production drastically decreased. Moreover, after his departure from SBS hit variety show “Running Man,” he has not appeared on television. Although his marriage and family life are kept private, Gary has occasionally taken to social media to disclose important events in his life. Last April when he got married he posted a message on Instagram. Additionally, in November once his child was born he posted a picture of his baby’s feet with the message “Gary junior.”


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