Look for Gang Dong-won in the 2019 disaster flick.

SEOUL, December 5 – Gang Dong-won attends press conference for the film “Masters” – OSEN News

Gang Dong-won recently joined the cast for Simon West’s newest movie “Tsunami L.A.” The interesting scenarios in the disaster flick are what sealed the deal for the actor.

In a December 17 interview with Variety, Gang Dong-won talked about his upcoming role. Gan Dong-won said that when Hannibal Classics, the production company, showed him the script he ” was very interested in the plot”. Further, the actor also took the role because of Simon West. “Our generation has a special memory of Simon West’s ‘Con Air’. I decided to make my Hollywood debut because it’s a rare opportunity for me to take a leading role in a film.”

Simon West who was also in the interview chimed in once Gang Dong-won finish talking. He said, “I am excited to have an exciting movie with Kang Dong-won and put him on the world stage. Our goal is to create a movie that reflects diversity and will be exciting to audiences around the world. To do that I will work with talented actors from all over the world, not only Kang Dong-won but also Europe, Australia, China, and Brazil.”

The movie’s crew is currently in pre-production in the U.K. and plans to begin shooting in earnest in March 2018. “Tsunami L.A.” will premiere sometime in 2019. Production has not chosen a Korean distributor yet. However, Simon West already said he is looking forward to premiere show in Korea to promote the film.

Lastly, Kang Dong-won said, “If ‘Tsunami L.A.’ gets good results in Hollywood — I mean, if I got cast in a film that requires a lot of investment, it can mean that Korean movies can get larger investments too”. The film currently has a cost of USD 55 million.


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