Group g.o.d. will release a project album celebrating their 20th debut anniversary.

While g.o.d pre-released the song ‘Snowfall’, they announced that their special album ‘THEN&NOW’ will be released on January 10th next year. The overall production was done by Kim Tae-woo, and all other members have also joined creating the album. The album will be a meaningful gift for their fans, who have loved them for 20 years.

The album title ‘THEN&NOW’ means that g.o.d has put both the past and present in the album. A total of 10 songs are in the album, including not only new songs, but also remakes of the group’s hit songs. Among the remakes, the title song of g.o.d’s 4th album ‘Road’ was newly arranged by Jeong Dong-hwan of MeloMance, and featured by IU, Henry, Jo Hyun-ah, and Yang Da-il.

g.o.d will also have a concert to celebrate their 20th anniversary. On January 13th next year, which will be their 20th anniversary date, the group will have ‘god GREATEST 20th Anniversary’ stage at KSPO DOME.


Original article
by Audrey Joung