g.o.d members choose Spain as their first location of a journey that signifies and celebrates the group’s 20th anniversary!

On August 21, g.o.d members left for Spain to film their upcoming travel variety show. The show is entitled “Do You Want to Walk Together?” (literal translation), scheduled to air on JTBC in October. In this travel reality show, the five members of g.o.d will go on a journey together to celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary of debut.

It’s been 17 years since the whole g.o.d crew appeared in a TV program together. While the group received much love in the 1990’s, the members had gone on separate paths, working diligently under different labels.

However, the group never disbanded, and only proved that their friendship is everlasting by agreeing to do the upcoming travel show together. JTBC announced the creation of the show in July, when they explained the show will “feature all 5 members as they travel through Camino de Santiago in Spain.”

Producer Oh Yoon-Hwan, who has also produced “I Live Alone” and “Begin Again,” became the director in charge of the program. He commented, “we plan to showcase fun, as well as emotional episodes from g.o.d members as they go on a journey to a foreign country together. We hope that this program will provide a ‘healing moment’ to all audience, as they watch 5 lifelong friends have a special reunion.”

Meanwhile, g.o.d also announced a 20th anniversary comeback project on August 5. The group finalized their plans for a comeback with all five members, as well as a concert in late November.

Image Source – JTBC

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Translated by Dasol Kim