While in the midst of serving his country in the military, BIGBANG member G-Dragon made a surprise posting on social media.

Image source – OSEN News

G-Dragon, real name Kwon Ji-yong, is currently approaching the one year mark since enlisting last year this month. Like many who serve, many find different sources of strength and morale. For actor Joo Won, he found solace in television, movies, and girl groups. On the other hand, Kwon has apparently been hitting the books.

On Monday, the singer wrote “everyone say hello” and “Nietzsche’s words” as an introduction to two pictured excerpts from the philosopher’s work.¬†The titles of the photographed pages roughly translate to “How to Live” and “Hold on to your ideals, not your country.” His last upload is a screenshot of his phone where the time “8:18,” which also coincides with his birthday (August 18).


Notably, this is the singer’s first post on social media since he enlisted on Feb. 25 last years leading a very enthusiastic response from his 16 million Instagram followers. Meanwhile, Kwon is scheduled to finish his service sometime this October.





By O.C