f(x) Amber surprises fans with announcement to release two self-composed tracks!

On September 21, f(x)’s Amber will be releasing her new single album “White Noise + Lost at Sea” through various music websites. The two tracks are reportedly self-composed by Amber herself, and contain lyrics in English.

The title track “White Noise” is an Electronic Pop that contains a soothing melody and dreamy sound. The lyrics deliver a message of finding the “real home,” and gives a hopeful message to people in difficult times. The listeners will be able to come in contact with Amber’s unique “healing” voice.

On the other hand, the second track “Lost at Sea” contains an addictive melody and energetic synth sound. The lyrics will unfold the complicate feelings one feels towards their significant other in a relationship. Thus, the main lyrics say, “Baby, we are so lost at sea.”

Meanwhile, Amber first debuted as a member of f(x) in 2009. Afterwards, she actively promoted herself with the group, until she challenged herself to stand alone through her first solo album “Beautiful” in 2015. In July, the singer signed a contract with an American agency.

Image Source – SM Entertainment

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Translated by Dasol Kim