F(x) Amber Filming for a New American Movie


On September 19 SM Entertainment confirmed that F(x) Amber is currently filming for a new movie in the United States.

Amber attends AERIN launch event in Seoul – OSEN

Amber made her acting debut with the tvN dark comedy “Entourage” back in 2016 alongside Lee Kwang-soo. In the end, it seems that she enjoyed her acting experience and is now pursuing more projects. Her graduation from the small screen to the big screen is being assisted by Angela Shelton, the director of the American film.

The film, “The Eagles and The Albatross” will star both Shelton and Amber and is an independent film. However, this means that most likely, it will not have a commercial release. “The Eagle and The Albatross” is a golf-theme, which will make for an interesting and captivating story.

Since F(x)’s last album in 2015, Amber has been engaged in personal activities including music collaborations and filming.

By O.C