Former Wonder Girls Member Yubin is ready to show a new face with her upcoming solo title, “Lady.”

JYP Entertainment

On May 28, JYP Entertainment unveiled teaser images for Yubin’s first solo album “City Woman,” following the track list which was released on May 25.

In the teaser image, Yubin is displaying a perfect image transformation from head to toe. Her colorful dress and funky hair make fans anticipate the new concept Yubin is about to present.

Debuting as a solo artist for the first time in eleven years, Yubin will release her first digital single “City Woman” on June 5. The album will have two tracks, namely “Lady” and “City Love.”

JYP Entertainment

The first track, “Lady,” takes the city pop genre, which is highlighted with urban and delightful melody influenced by various genres like funk, disco, American soft rock, and R&B. In K-pop, indie musicians are leading the experiments with the genre. Yoon Jong-shin also has presented his interpretation of the genre in his monthly project “Monthly Yoon Jong-shin,” specifically in “Welcome Summer” released in July last year.

After a careful consideration, Yubin made her mind with a city pop track, which she thought best represents her personality. The song’s simple melody, in addition to the lyrics singing about urban life as a woman, is expected to launch the singer’s solo career successfully.

Since the artist’s performance as a musician has been limited to raps, fans are anticipating Yubin’s return as a vocalist in the new release. Yubin’s first solo release “Lady” will be released on June 5.


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