K-pop girl group Wonder Girls’ former member Ye-eun, who made a solo comeback as Ha:tfelt, is joining variety show “Happily Unmarried Girls.”


Ye-eun is to make her first appearance in the show on May 21. In the preview, Ye-eun shows her busy life after newly debuting as a solo artist Ha:tfelt.

“Hi, I’m Ye-eun, previously was a Wonder Girls member and now Ha:tfelt,” she introduces herself. “I’ve never unveiled my life before, so I feel nervous and afraid at the same time.”

“I’m still in the phase of starting to manage my life,” she continues. “Previously, I lived only as a member of Wonder Girls, so I didn’t have much time to think about what I like and what my taste is. I have mixed feelings about showing who I am while I don’t really know about myself either.”

In the released preview, Ye-eun already shows her spectacular life, driving a red sports car and shooting for magazines as singer Ha:tfelt.

Fans are anticipating Ye-eun’s appearance on “Happily Unmarried Girls,” where she is expected to reveal her true self as a woman in her thirties, for the first time in 12 years.


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