A new year means new possibilities. Although Ong Sung-woo’s filmography lists a few appearances in different works, the singer is ready to make a fully committed jump into acting.

Image source – OSEN News

Former Wanna One member Ong Seong-woo has decided to appear in JTBC’s new monthly drama “Moment of Eighteen” (working title) alongside other young actors including Kim Hyang-gi and Shin Seung-ho.

According to reports, “A Moment of 18” is a coming of age story that primarily takes place at a youth academy. The characters who enter their eighteenth-year flounder in a whirlwind of emotion and change as they approach adulthood in a realistic and empathetic manner.

On the backend, director Shim Na-yeon, who worked on “Hip Hop Teacher” partners with partner writer Yoon Kyung-ah. Yoon has worked on KBS’ “Master of Study” and “Ms. Perfect.”

Meanwhile, Ong gained public recognition when he first appeared on the second season of “Produce 101” in April 2017. As he progressed through the competition, he grabbed people’s attention with above average his dancing and stable singing skills.

Being one of the finalists of the show, Ong joined Wanna One. During the group’s short time together it quickly became one of the biggest acts in South Korea. A the end of 2018 the group disbanded.



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