On February 11th, former Sistar member Hyolyn was featured on MBC’s Section TV updating fans how life is as a solo artist with her self-managed company.


OSEN reports when Hyolyn was visited during her photoshoot for jeans by Section TV’s Moon Shi On, the set had a very cheerful and bright atmosphere. When asked about the photoshoot, Hyolyn said the current shoot was “a concept she has always wanted to do” sharing her personal tips for posing.


During the interview with Section TV, Hyolyn played the truth (O/X) quiz and talked about her career as a solo artist. When asked the question about how much her earnings have changed after going solo, Hyolyn replied “I earned more when I had group (Sistar) activities.” She continued to say “there are more cons than pros going solo, there is nothing to fill the emptiness (of the members).”

The soloist shared how she thinks about the other Sistar members whenever she has a hard time or feels lonely. Hyolyn reminisced how the members always knew how she was feeling with just one look. The artist also shared the members recently got together to celebrate Bora’s birthday showing fans the members to be close as ever.


Hyolyn, also known as the ‘Queen of OSTs, was asked if she considered acting to which she answered an absolute “no.” The soloist shared she had previously experienced filming for a drama and felt extremely embarrassed when over 100 crew members watched her act out her lines.


Artist Hyolyn shared out of her numerous soundtrack appearances, her favorite OST to be Crazy of You from the 2013 Korean drama, Master’s Sun. Soloist Hyolyn shared she is “planning for a world tour later this year.”



By Sara N