According to authorities a journalist present at a party that the late actress Jang Ja-yeon was forced to attend, has been indicted for sexual abuse.

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OBS’ “Unique Entertainment News” investigated Jang Ja-yeon, an actress that took her life in 2009 after experiencing extensive sexual abuse and exploitation.

During their investigation, the show reported that the prosecution, which had re-opened the case, had indicted a former journalist without detention on June 26. Police booked Cho Jae-joon, the journalist, on charges of sexually abusing the late Jang Ja-yeon. According to reports, Cho, who attended a birthday party of Jang’s former agency CEO ten years ago, took advantage of the singer.

Nine years ago Ms. Yoon, a witness who recently made headlines after an interview on Jang with “News Room,” claimed that she had singled Cho out as one of the perpetrators who sexually assaulted Jang during police investigations. In turn, Cho had denied Yoon’s allegations and said that another man forced himself on Jang.

However, after an investigation, authorities discovered that the man Cho identifies was not present at the party. As a result, they sent his case was to the prosecution. The Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office took over but eventually cleared him due to a lack of credible evidence.

Reinvestigation Yields Shocking Results

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Now, nine years later, after a month of close examination, the prosecution confirmed that the testimony of the witnesses was consistent. Further, after a two-month review of investigation records, they found they found a lack of conduct on behalf of the investigators at the time.

Reportedly, authorities on the case had checked Jang’s financial accounts for deposits from possible sexual exploiters. Cho’s name was linked to at least one of these deposits. However, the investigators at the time accepted his explanation that he “only gave Jang pocket change to help with a difficult situation.”

Subsequently, the prosecution recommended that authorities reopen the case of “Jang’s List,” a shocking list of entertainment and financial insiders that the late singer alleged sexually exploited her.

Moreover, according to multiple media outlets, the prosecution plans to focus on Jang’s allegations of coercion and external pressure to provide sexual service. The Committee said it needs to find out whether there was any form coercion, such as drinking alcohol, and whether there was any outside influence on the investigation.

The decision will allow prosecutors to investigate key figures suspected of prostitution and coercion, as well as the police and prosecutors who were in charge of the investigation. However, the statute of limitations on sex trafficking and forced sexual harassment is five years, which may hinder the truth of the matter from fully emerging.



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