Former idol Subin reveals how many Kpop idols date in secret!


On March 4th of MBN’s Dating DNA Laboratory X, former Dal Shabet member Subin reveals “Many Kpop idols are dating in secret.” She shared there was an instance when one of her fellow idol friends told her “I got a boyfriend, he’s such a great person.” When her friend revealed her new boyfriend’s identity, turns out he was “someing” with a fellow member!

When Subin showed really strong emotions while sharing about the two-timing idol, someone asked the former idol if it wasn’t her own experience seeing as how she’s very emotionally invested. Subin immediately denied it to everyone’s laughter on the show.

“Someing” is a korean term used to describe a dating trend in South Korea. “Some” means you aren’t officially dating but you go on dates. You label that person as your friend or “some” friend since you guys aren’t in a committed relationship. This term became widely known when Soyou & Junggigo released a song that accurately explains this ambiguous relationship.


By Sara N