Domino’s Korea

A tweet shared by an American reporter is going wild on social media.

Los Angeles Times reporter David Wharton, who is currently visiting South Korea for 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games coverage, shared a tweet on February 12.


In the tweet writing, “3 things about Domino’s in South Korea,” the reporter shares his experience of trying the pizza franchise’s Korean outpost.

“It’s pretty damn good, it’s pretty damn expensive ($25 plus for a large) and the box features a gay couple for Valentine’s Day,” he writes with a picture of a pizza box attached. On the box, two Korean models for the brand, Park Bo-gum and Song Joong-ki, are smiling with flowers in their hands.


Red hearts in the background, in addition to “Love” written on the box, seem misleading enough. Fans in Korea soon found the tweet and informed the reporter that the featured actors are not gay.


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