Adding to a series of various “Fire Noodle” flavors, the food manufacturer Samyang Foods is expanding the notorious spiciness to other products.

Samyang Foods

On September 13, Samyang Foods, the manufacturer of Buldak Bokkeum Myun, which is widely known as the “Fire Noodle,” released a new non-noodle product.

The Buldak Mandu, which means, “fire chicken dumpling,” is rising popular on social media. The dumpling looks similar to a kimchi dumpling, but it is at least twice as spicy as a kimchi dumpling, according to reviews.

Samyang Foods

While the official launching is not scheduled until October, people who tried the product during its pre-launching sales are showing positive reactions. It uses the original sauce, which harmoniously blends with the gyoza dumpling.

Fire Chicken Dumpling will be officially launched in October.


By Heewon Kim