The movie Champion wrestles its way to the 1 million viewer mark just 12 days after its release.

Image source – Warner Bros.

Champion starring action star Ma Dong-seok is on the fast track to success.

According to the Korean Film Council on May 12, the movie surpasses the 1 million mark. In total, movie theaters have sold 1,103,733 box office tickets since its release on May 1. Considering the stiff competition Champion faces, most notably the latest installment of The Avengers franchise, the milestone is significant.

Additionally, fans in North America will get the opportunity to view the film themselves. According to Well Go USA Entertainment, the movie will be in select theaters across the U.S. and Canada starting on May 18. The majority of the major cities in each country are represented including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver. Check out the full list to see if a city near you will be screening Champion.

Meanwhile, Champion is a film about Mark (Ma Dong-Seok) an arm wrestler who pair up with a promoter (Kwon Yool) to turn his dream to be a titleholder into reality.



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