South Korean film ‘Burning’ received confirmation to premiere at the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

On April 12th, the officials for the Cannes Film Festival made the nomination announcement and invited director Lee Chang-Dong and film ‘Burning’ to attend the festival.

On April 27th, ‘Burning’ confirmed to premiere on May 16 at the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumiere. In addition, director Lee Chang-Dong, as well as actors Yoo Ah-In, Steven Yeon, and Jeon Jong-Suh confirmed their attendance to the festival.

‘Burning’ is the only Korean film that received nomination for the 71st Cannes Film Festival. Director Lee got invited to the Cannes for the first time with film ‘Peppermint Candy’ in 2000. Afterwards, he received nominations for ‘Milyang’ and ‘Poetry’ and also attended the festival as a jury in 2009. As his 5th time attending the festival, director Lee truly proved that he is receiving a world-wide attention.

Furthermore, this event holds a special meaning to all three main actors of the film. Steven Yeon is attending the festival two years in a row, for he was invited to the festival with film ‘Okja’ last year. Jeon Jong-Suh just is a newly-debuted actress, who received the honor to attend the festival in her first year of acting. Lastly, this is the first time Yoo Ah-In is attending the festival, and as the main actor of the film.

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Translated by Dasol Kim