AOA Seolhyun collapsed on stage during a performance where audience members said she looked dazed. Having recovered from the event, fans praised the singer for her handling of the incident.

Image source – OSEN News

At the Fortnite Korea Open 2018 event held at Korea University this past Saturday, AOA member Seolhyun collapsed while performing. Audience members mention that she looked dazed on stage and had a pallid complexion prior to her collapse.

Her group members helped her off stage and the singer was immediately rushed to a medical facility for treatment. Soon after the incident, the group’s agency, FNC Entertainment, stated that she felt dizzy from the pyrotechnics used in the show. However, as video footage of the incident spread online, some pointed out that the agency was incorrect and that she looked ill even before the pyrotechnics.

In response, FNC Entertainment later corrected their statement explaining that Seolhyun has a mild cold and that the hot air of the indoor gymnasium, plus what the agency states as the gunpowder from the pyrotechnics exacerbated her condition. Further, it reported that she underwent additional testing but nothing came from them.

After being tested and treated at the hospital, the Seolhyun was sent home to rest and recover. While recovering, the singer left a brief message explaining what happened and asking fans not to worry. “I was fine until yesterday, I think it was difficult for me to perform because of my condition,” she wrote. Moreover, she said that she would be more mindful of her health going forward. Fans appreciated that the singer thought about them, even while she is recovering.

Meanwhile, Epic Games Korea, the company behind the event, refuted part of FNC Entertainment’s claim. “We didn’t use gunpowder,” the company explained. Adding that “the product used for the stage is…proven to be harmless to the human body.” Epic Games also hoped for Seolhyun’s speedy recovery.



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