Lee Hong-ki from F.T. Island overcame the first hurdle in a professional bowling tournament.

Image source – Korea Pro-Bowling Association

On October 14, the Korea Pro-Bowling Association (KPBA) reported that F.T. Island Lee Hong-ki scored an average of 197.1 points during the first round of the 2018 Korean Professional Bowling Tournament. Almost 500 people put their skills to the test at the Big Ball Bowling Stadium in Suwon in Gyeonggi Province.

According to KPBA, male contestants advance to the second round if they score more than 190 points on average in the first round of evaluation. Further, it is only after the third round that the final successful candidates will be determined.

Given that information, Lee has made it to the second round. The singer started taking an interest in bowling as a hobby, but as his skill and passion for the game rose and he decided to take on pro-bowling. Two years ago he challenged Kim Soo-hyun and became the talk of the town. However, he was eliminated sometime after the second round after getting an average of 177.2 points.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong-ki ranked 43rd in Group A in the first round of evaluation, where 404 men were divided into two groups. The second exhibition will be held in November.



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