This year, EXO’s member D.O showed great accomplishments as an established actor, Do Kyung-soo.

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In 2018, Do Kyung-soo acted in one drama and two films, showing his abilities as an actor.

In the latter half of the year, he acted in the drama “100 Days My Prince,” showing two characters on the other ends. Although it was his first drama lead, Do Kyung-soo perfectly overcame barriers of historical period drama, as well as having to act a character with contrasting personalities.

His accomplishments in the larger screens are impressive just as much. His short appearance in “Along with the Gods: the Last 29 Days” captivated audiences of the movie, which reached over 10 million viewers at the local box office.

“Swing Kids,” which was locally released on December 19, is garnering success as well. Do Kyung-soo leads the film as a rebellious North Korean soldier who falls in love with tap dancing.

Do Kyung-soo also acted a voice-over for an upcoming animated film, “Under Dog.” With the wide variety of roles the singer-turned-actor has shown in 2018, people are anticipating his future activities both as a singer and an actor.


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