EXO member Sehun is going to take on an acting role in a new web movie.

Dokgo rewind exo
Image source – OSEN News

On February 12, EXO’s agency SM Entertainment said, “News that EXO Sehun will star in the web movie “Dokgo Rewind” is correct,” thereby confirming earlier news reports. Moreover, not only will Sehun appear in the movie, but he will be main character Kang Hyuk, also known by the epithet “Dokgo.”

“Dokgo Rewind” is the live-action adaptation of the¬†webtoon of the same name. Further, “Dokgo Rewind” is the second volume in the two-part series. As such, it is unclear if the show will only adapt the narrative from the second volume or include information from the first.

More, Sehun’s character, Kang Hyuk, is a middle school drop out and a good fighter who does not shy away from manipulation or violence to get what he wants. The plot of the story follows the lives of Kang Hyuk and his two friends who are all well versed in the seediness and violence of street life. Together they take on a revenge quest.

Notably, the action-packed movie will contain 80 percent of the original narrative. Additionally, martial arts director Kwon Ki-duk whos works include “The Villainess” will oversee the fight scenes. Further, it has been reported that the Jeong Byeong-gil, the director of “The Villainess” will also join the project.

Sehun has starred in SM Entertainment’s web series “EXO Next Door” in 2015 and various Korean-Chinese films. However, this will be the rapper’s first role as the main character.

“Dokgo Rewind” is scheduled to be released later this year.



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