EXO Do Kyung-soo (D.O.) and “Assassination” director Choi Dong-hoon are the Korean ambassadors for the 2nd annual International Film Festival and Awards in Macau.

Film festival

Do Kyung-soo and Choi Dong-hoon’s appointment and attendance was a direct request from the film festival organizers. Furthermore, the two will also have the honor of officiating the opening of the ceremony on December 8. As a result, they will also actively participate in promotional events and press conferences.

Interestingly, the attendance of the prominent actor and director is representative of a larger trend. The film festival has steadily attracted the attention of Korean actors and directors — notwithstanding it only in its second year.

Moreover, attracting special guests to attend and participate in promotional events is apart of a larger project by the festival. Among other things, organizers hope to bolster the reputation and prestige of the festival by successfully inviting respected and popular guests.

Given the scandal involving the Busan Film festival, the largest in East Asia, the project arises at an advantageous time. Last October Hankook Ilbo uncovered a government blacklist of over 9,000 artists based on deviant political activity. Additionally, the list was endorsed by Kim Se-hoon, now former Korean Film Council Director, and Suh Byung-soo, former Busan Film Festival chairman. Consequently, the festival’s reputation as a leading event of and for reputable talent is now disputable.


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By O.C.