EXO Chanyeol and Girls’ Generation Sunny are heading to California for tVN’s “Salty Tour.”

Image source – OSEN New

According to reports that emerged recently, Chanyeol from EXO and Girls’ Generation member Sunny will appear the tVN’s show “Salty Tour.” Reporedly, the two singer will be heading to Los Angeles and San Francisco in California for filming.

As a result of the news, many fans are expressing excitement. Sunny has already appeared in numerous entertainment programs and has shown a natural humor and charisma that have captivated many.

Additionally, Sunny is already familiary with the other regular members of the show including Park Myung-soo, Park Na-rae, and Jung Joon-young. As such, fans anticipate that her outspoken comments will be highlights of the show. Likewise, there are also expectations that Chanyeol’s overflowing passion will be expressed while on the show.

Meanwhile, the filming will take place this month; tVN has not specified a date.



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