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Exo’s member Baekhyun is criticized for his comment about depression during fan signing event on December 30.

According to the released audio file from the site, Beakhyun said, “To speak with conviction, I don’t know why people get depressed or have insomnia. I’m not criticizing it, and I know you can’t force yourself to think positive all the time, but you have good people around you. Either it is a friend or what – and you have me and the members.”

Beakhyun’s comment about depression followed after meeting a fan who’s suffering from mental symptoms. According to the fan’s Twitter posting, the artist expressed concerns about her depression when she mentioned it to him and told her to stop taking medicines if she is taking any.

The fan who posted the original Tweet wrote to explain that she was not offended and that the artist was actually well-intended. However, people once again point out that his comment about medicines can cause severe situations if people with serious depression follow his advice.


By Heewon Kim