Girl Group EXID’s title song, “Shattered”, has been deemed inappropriate for broadcast on KBS. Fans take judgement in stride.

Banana Culture Entertainment

KBS judged EXID’s title song, Shattered, from their upcoming album unfit for broadcast. The judgement resulted from a review by KBS conducted on November 1. Suggestive language, profanity, and vulgar expressions in a problematic line was behind the judgement. Further, the line contains a Korean word that when spoken sounds line an English curse word. Fans accepted the judgement but also criticized KBS.


Accordingly, their agency modified the line to fit broadcast standards. Banana Culture commented that, “We have corrected the lyrics according to the judgement. As such, we have requested that KBS review the revision.”

All five members of EXID worked on the new album, Full Moon, which will drop November 7. Unfortunately, leader and main vocalist Solji will not be participating in broadcast activities due to health reasons.

By O.C