Kim Jeong-hoon’s ex-girlfriend has come forward with a response to the singer-turned-actor’s┬ápublic statement.

Image source – OSEN News database

In an interview with media outlets on, actor Kim Jeong-hoon’s ex-girlfriend responded to his statement through her lawyer. The lawyer revealed that she, herein referred to as “B,” that she did not go through with terminating her pregnancy even though Kim reportedly pressured her to do so. Moreover, she also claims that the child is his and he knows because she told them while they were dating.

“The child that [B] is pregnant with is Kim Jeong-hoon’s and she is still pregnant. She hasn’t met another man…she told Kim that she was pregnant while she was dating him,” said the lawyer.

On Thursday, Kim released a statement about the situation on Thursday regarding a lawsuit that B filed against him.




By O.C