Entertainment agency Kakao M is looking for the next big star in China.

On June 2, news outlets discovered that Kakao M will conduct multiple auditions this summer in three different regions in China to find the next big k-pop star. Reportedly, the auditions will take place through the “2018 Loen Friends Global Audition” campaign but will be hosted by Kakao M.

Regarding the campaign, a representative of the company said that with the right support they could “predict the potential for growth (of people) into idols, songwriters, actors, and models.”

Each audition period lasts for two days with the first taking place in Chongqing on July 14. On the 17th the global audition moves to Shanghai at the Institute of Korean Culture and ends in Beijing at the Westing Beijing Chaoyang Hotel on the 21st.

Moreover, according to reports, they are looking for applicants who can or want to learn how to sing, rap, dance, act, or model. Further, they are not implementing any restriction on nationality, gender or age.

Meanwhile, Kakao is a huge conglomerate that governs Melon music, the largest music site in Korea. Besides music, the company holds monthly auditions in Korea where around 1,000 people apply on average.



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Translated by O.C