Don Spike, an entertainer who is known for his love of food, had to say goodbye to his father on Saturday.

Don Spike
Image source – Ilgan Sports

Don Spike‘s agency, New Type Entertainment announced that the entertainer had lost his father early Saturday morning. “Don Spike’s father (Kim Jin-hae), who is a composer and entertainment artist, died on the morning of March 2,” said the agency.

Further, Spike’s father was hospitalized early in the morning and succumbed later on. Moreover, according to the agency, he suffered from a chronic disease that may have played a part in his hospitalization.

Understandable, Spike is saddened by the passing of his father and is spending time with family and other relatives. In order to allow him a suitable amount of time to mourn, the agency reported that they are looking at his schedule and broadcast obligation with applicable production teams.

Meanwhile, the funeral will take place on March 4.




By O.C