Don’t worry — the close is only temporary.

Donka 2014 owners with Baek Jong-won – Instagram (@Donka2014)

Donka 2014, a now-famous tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) restaurant in Pobangteo Market in Seoul, is planning to close its doors starting on December 31. The eatery appeared on the SBS food-variety program “Baek Jong-won’s Alley restaurant” where it not only improved its food but also so a considerable rise in popularity. People flocked to Donka 2014 to taste their new and improved dishes.

However, there is a downside to good business. What may be good for business may not sit well with neighbors.

Residents close to the restaurant have complained about the visitors who often wait in a long line outside the small eatery’s doors. As such, Donka 2014’s owners have decided to take countermeasures to stop inconveniencing their neighbors. On Instagram, one of the owners Kim Eung-seo wrote that they “are trying to create a space where customers can wait” that will appear neighbors, but shield customers from the elements.

Donka 2014’s famed cheese tonkatsu – Instagram (@d4jeong)

Last week, Kim posted that the people were complaining about the restaurant and they were unsure what they would do. Netizens who followed the account wondered if they would close in response. However, Kim said that they would consult with Baek Jong-won before deciding anything. This is where the idea for a waiting area was created.

Starting on December 31 (for the holidays), Donka 2014 will close for renovations. The owners asks that visitors be mindful of the close.



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