The public furor over an incident involving Siwon’s dog, Bugsy, changes group’s promotion plans.

Siwon, Super junior
OSEN News; via Twitter @bugsy_diary

Super Junior label official announced on October 31, ” Super Junior will be back on November 6, that has not changed. But [Choi Siwon] will not participate in regular with album related broadcast activities.”

This follows the revelation that Choi’s family dog, Bugsy, had bitten a neighbor on September 30. The victim, surname Kim, later died due to a sepsis, a type of blood infection. The incident which came to light late last month create public furor and debate about pet ownership liability arose.

However, although the public may view the incident and the parties involved in a negative light, fans remain divided. Although the situation is indeed tragic, some point out the they had waited two years for the return of Super Junior. But, they also seem to accept the complexities of the entertainment world.

Furthermore, Siwon becomes the third member after Kangin and Sungmin, to not participate in the comeback due to public outcry. Additionally, because of Siwon’s position as Super Junior’s face and visual, many were anticipating his return. It is still unclear if Siwon will be absent from any concerts.

By O.C