BLACKPINK is taking another bold step to the bigger world by collaborating with Dua Lipa for her new album.

Dua Lipa Limited / YG Entertainment

On September 4, Dua Lipa excitedly shared the news about her new release.

“So excited to release a super deluxe edition of my album on October 19ths with 3 NEW SONGS,” wrote the British artist, sharing an image that shows the full tracklist.


Among the three additional songs to be added in her new release, you can spot BLACKPINK from the thirds track of Disc 2.

According to YG Entertainment, the track will be more of collaboration than featuring, as BLACKPINK will be singing nearly a half of the song. It is also meaningful to point out that the collaboration was brought up by Dua Lipa’s request.

Since its debut, BLACKPINK has been at the center of global music fans’ attention. The group’s accomplishments are breaking several records set throughout K-pop’s history and several producers and national stations in the U.S. are offering the girl group opportunities, according to the agency.

In this context, the upcoming collaboration once again brings the group into the limelight.

Dua Lipa’s new song with BLACKPINK, “Kiss and Make Up,” will be released on October 19.


By Heewon Kim