Could Jung Chae-Yeon be the next “nation’s first love” and follow the footsteps of Suzy?

On July 6, the upcoming KBS music drama “to.Jenny” revealed its first glimpse of Jung Chae-Yeon in her role. The released pictures allow us to feel as if we are sitting across the table from her.

Image Source – KBS “to.Jenny”

KBS “to.Jenny” is a two-part music drama that tells a story about a boy, who has been single for the past 27 years. However, he accidentally runs into his first love at a convenient store for the first time in 7 years. Afterwards, he pursues after her with every “single” bone in his body.

Actor Kim Sung-Cheol confirmed to play on the role of male lead Park Jung-Min, a boy who has never had a dating experience. On the other hand, Jung Chae-Yeon will take on the role of Park Jung-Min’s first love, Kwon Nara.

Production team of “to.Jenny” said, “Jung Chae-Yeon could be the next “nation’s love,” following Suzy from “Architecture 101” in 2012. In addition, “to.Jenny” will incorporate the passionate acting from Kim Sung-Cheol as well as Jung Chae-Yeon, music, and the art of videos, to create a drama that you will never get tired of watching.”

The first episode of “to.Jenny” will air on July 10 at 11:10 PM, KST.

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Translated by Dasol Kim