The production and staff of the upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now” support Kim Yoo-jung’s decision.

Image source – OSEN News

Actress Kim Yoo-jung has decided to stop filming the upcoming JTBC drama “Clean With Passion For Now.” Moreover, her decision came after a recent visit to a hospital after the symptoms of her hyperthyroidism worsened.

In a statement released on Feb. 26, her agency, Sidus HQ said “Kim Yoo-jung recently visited a hospital after experiencing health problems while filming the drama. The doctor diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism. Also, the doctor advised her to focus on getting specialized treatment for her health.”

More after discussing the actress’ condition with the production team, they have decided to put Kim’s health first. Sidus HQ said, “We want to express our gratitude to the production team who have been very understanding about prioritizing the actor’s health, and rearranging the filming schedule for that priority.”

After the announcement, Kim’s acting colleagues sent her supportive messages. On his Instagram, Song Jae-rim, who is also in the drama, wrote “Plese, don’t be sorry. Your health comes first; I am rooting for you and your good health. Have strength Kim Oh-Sol (Kim’s character).”

Actress Yoo Sun also left a message for Kim on her Instagram with a similar message on Feb. 27. She wished her a quick recovery and said she “looks forward to the day when we (the cast) can be united again.”

Notwithstanding that filming was interrupted, and that the drama’s broadcast was delayed to the second half of the year, the crew and (potential) viewers happily accept Kim’s decision.



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