During the first episode of MBC’s “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL” rapper Dok2 said that he is planning to move to the U.S. before the year’s end, which will affect his activities in South Korea.

Image source – OSEN News

During the first episode of “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL” which aired on Wednesday, the contestants talk about the upcoming competition. Some like Jessi showed confidence that she could succeed in the U.S. Others like BewhY and Cheetah said they would focus their energy into their music and performances to win.

Generally, typical answers and comments that a viewer would expect from people in a competition.

However, unlike the others, Dok2 revealed that this competition would likely be one of his last broadcast appearances. This is because the rapper and founder of music label Illionaire Records is planning to move to the U.S. at the end of the year.

Image source – MBC

As a result, he won’t be able to regularly participate in different television programs. “At the end of the year I am going to move to America, this is going to be my last contest. In the future, I won’t beĀ able to schedule broadcast appearances very well,” said Dok2.

The announcement came as a surprise to many who had no idea that the rapper would be making such a move or what the move will before.

Dok2 is fluent in English and has made friends with Americans who are involved in the entertainment industry one way or another as seen in his appearance in “My Little Old Boy.”Or perhaps, regardless of theĀ competition’s results, he plans to launch a music career in the U.S like Jay Park.

Dok2 posted a photo from sunny California earlier this week on Instagram (@dok2gonzo)

However, the biggest surprise is that he has actually already moved to the U.S. The show is pre-recorded with filming taking place last year.





Translated by O.C