On Monday, rapper Dok2’s mother was accused of fraud, by never paying back 10 million won.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

After a media outlet reported that Dok2’s mother never paid back a 10 million won (8,838 USD) loan from an old friend 20 years ago, the rapper immediately responded through a live broadcast on social media.

In the broadcast, he went over the details mentioned in articles and did eventually offer pay-off any debts that his mother may have. While Dok2’s straightforwardness and willingness to settle the matter are commendable, something he said during the broadcast rubbed netizens the wrong way.

During this broadcast,¬†the rapper¬†seemingly attempts to downplay the amount owed. “Ten million won is not a lot of money; it is similar to the cost of a month’s worth of rice. Will our lives change with 10 million won?” the rapper asked.

In response, netizens said that his comment was thoughtless, rash, and somewhat out of touch. One commenter¬†pointed out that some people only make 30 million won a year (26,515 USD), alluding that the rapper’s estimate was way off. Additionally, another wrote that this was not something they expected from such a well-liked celebrity.



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